Iterate provides software development and integration services to companies and organizations which rightfully hold IT as a strategic investment. Our philosophy is to develop systems which provide maximum value to our clients by finding optimal procedures for each projects' development process even if it means challenging established practices. We are not only technically skilled but we are also excited about your business opportunities. We understand that technology is subordinate to business. In some cases pen and paper can be the best solution.

We are enthusiasts of an Agile approach to software development. Our projects are run using Scrum and Lean methodology givig clients following benefits:

Speed and timely deliveries

Application development is carried out in an iterative process. The results obtained in different iterations are quickly presented to the client who ca compare them with his needs and choose the most relevant solution.


The client works closely with the developers. He decides which functionality reject and which develop. Built product is therefore suited to his needs, he creates it.

Cost effectiveness

We decrease the development time. We do not waste it on the creation of useless features, documentation. We don't leave bugs that we fix on an ongoing basis.

High quality

Along with application we create automatic tests that eliminate errors already in the earliest stage of software development.

Kent Beck on software design

"Quality is a metric that is very difficult to define, but the results of low quality are easily recognizable."

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